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Alsewari, Abdul Rahman Ahmed and Sinan, Q. Salih (2019) A new algorithm for normal and large-scale optimization problems: Nomadic People Optimizer. Neural Computing and Applications, 32. pp. 10359-10386. ISSN 0941-0643. (Published)

Amelia, Hasan Book Conveyor Testing Document. [Video] (Unpublished)

Amelia, Hasan (2014) RFID Conveyor (check 2nd trial). [Video] (Unpublished)

Amelia, Hasan RFID 3 Trial - Book Conveyor. [Video] (Unpublished)

Amelia, Hasan (2014) RFID Conveyor (Check Bin). [Video] (Unpublished)

Amelia, Hasan RFID Conveyor (Check pada Virtua). [Video] (Unpublished)

Amelia, Hasan (2014) RFID Conveyor (check 1st trial). [Video] (Unpublished)

Asdarina, Yahya and R. M., Yunus (2013) Influence of Sample Preparation and Extraction Time on Chemical Composition of Steam Distillation Derived Patchouli Oil. Procedia Engineering, 53. pp. 1-6. ISSN 1877-7058. (Published)

Asiah, Kassim and Ahmad Nasaruddin, Sulaiman (2016) Speaking Skills: Business English for Workplace Communication (Module 1). In: Business English for Workplace Communication Workshop , July - September 2016 , CMLHS, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Gambang. . (Unpublished)

Asiah, Kassim and Ahmad Nasaruddin, Sulaiman (2016) Writing Skills: Business English for Workplace Communication (Module 2). In: Business English for Workplace Communication Workshop , July - September 2016 , CMLHS, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Gambang. . (Unpublished)


Ervina Efzan, Ervina Efzan and Nur Faziera, Mhd Nasir and Siti Rabiatull Aisha, Idris (2016) A Review: Lead Free Solder and Its Wettability Properties. Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, 28 (3). pp. 125-132. ISSN 0954-0911. (Published)

Ezrin Hani, Sukadarin and Junaidah, Zakaria (2017) Musculoskeletal Disorder among Municipal Solid Waste Collectors. Asia Pacific Environmental and Occupational Health Journal , 3 (1). pp. 28-32. ISSN 2462 -2214. (Published)


H. O., Salah and I. M., Sujaul and Karim, Md Abdul and Mohd Hafeez, Mohd Nasir and Abdalmnam, A. and C. K. M., Faizal (2020) An Investigation of Tap Water Quality in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia. Bangladesh Journal of Botany, 49 (1). pp. 191-196. ISSN 0253-5416 (print); 2079-9926 (online). (Published)

Hardinnawirda, Kahar and Zetty Akhtar, Abd Malek and Siti Rabiatull Aisha, Idris and M., Ishak (2016) Intermetallic Growth and Shear Strength of SAC305/EN-Boron. Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, 28 (3). pp. 141-148. ISSN 0954-0911. (Published)


Islam, M. Amirul and Ethiraj, Baranitharan and Cheng, C. K. and Yousuf, Abu and Thiruvenkadam, Selvakumar and Prasad, Reddy and Khan, Maksudur R. (2018) Enhanced Current Generation Using Mutualistic Interaction of Yeast-Bacterial Coculture in Dual Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 57 (3). pp. 813-821. ISSN 0888-5885. (Published)

Islam, Md Shaharul and Mandal, Bablu Hira and Biswas, Tapan Kumar and Lutfor, M. R. and Rashid, S. S. and Tan, Suat Hian and Sarkar, Shaheen M. (2016) Poly(hydroxamic acid) Functionalized Copper Catalyzed C–N Bond Formation Reactions. RSC Advances, 6. pp. 56450-56457. ISSN 2046-2069. (Published)


Jaber, Aws Naser and Mazlina, Abdul Majid and Kamal Z., Zamli and Mohamad Fadli, Zolkipli Privacy Concerns due to Class Elements in Cloud Environments despite Full Homomorphic Encryption. 3rd scienceone international conference Technology . (Published)

Jaber, Aws Naser and Mazlina, Abdul Majid and Kamal Z., Zamli and Mohamad Fadli, Zolkipli Processing Data in Cloud Environments without the Need for Decryption. ICIT 2015 3rd scienceOne International Conference On Information Technology. (Published)

Jaber, Aws Naser and Mohamad Fadli, Zolkipli and D. Ahmed, Firas D. Ahmed and Mazlina, Abdul Majid (2015) Security Everywhere Cloud: An Intensive Review of DoS and DDoS Attacks in Cloud Computing. Journal of Advanced & Applied Sciences (JAAS), 3 (5). pp. 152-158. ISSN 2289-6260. (Published)


Khalid Adam, Ismail Hammad and Fakhreldin, Mohammed Adam Ibrahim and Jasni, Mohamad Zain and Mazlina, Abdul Majid (2015) Big Data Analysis and Storage. In: Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Operations Excellence and Service Engineering , 10-11 September 2015 , Orlando, Florida, USA. pp. 648-659..

Khan, Ilyas and Abid, Hussanan and Mohd Zuki, Salleh and Razman, Mat Tahar (2016) Exact Solutions of Accelerated Flows for a Generalized Burgers' Fluid, I: The Case. In: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Computer Science & Computational Mathematics (ICCSCM 2015) , 7-8 May 2015 , Langkawi, Malaysia. pp. 47-52..


Law, Xue Ni (2012) Detail design of waste plastic bottles rescue boat. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang.

Library, UMP (2009) Bengkel Myulis. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Bengkel Penambahbaikan Katalog. [Image]

Library, UMP (2010) Dusun Eco 1. [Image]

Library, UMP (2010) Dusun Eco 2. [Image]

Library, UMP (2010) Dusun Eco 4. [Image]

Library, UMP (2010) Dusun Eco 5. [Image]

Library, UMP (2010) Environmental Scanning. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Expoconvo 2009. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Futsal Lelaki Perpustakaan 2009. [Image]

Library, UMP (2010) Gambar Audit 5S. [Image]

Library, UMP (2010) Gambar Dusun Eco Resort. [Image]

Library, UMP (2010) Gambar Perabot Perpustakaan UTEM. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Gotong royong pindah rak 2009. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) KM STORYTELLING : Tuan Sheik 2009. [Image]

Library, UMP (2010) Kayak & Berkelah. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Kelas Bahasa Inggeris Staf Perpustakaan 2009. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Kemasan 5 S terakhir sebelum Audit. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Kursus Video Editing 2009. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Lawatan Kerja Perpustakaan ke UMT & UDM. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Lawatan Pelatih PLKN Penor. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Lawatan Penanda aras 5 S ke Bendahari 2009. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Lawatan Sek Ren Temerloh. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Majlis Perpisahan En. Aziz (Pegawai Tadbir). [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Majlis Perpisahan Staf UMK. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Majlis Sambutan Hari Lahir staff 09. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) MyULIS. [Image]

Library, UMP (2010) Seminar Pengurusan ILMU 2010. [Image]

Library, UMP (2009) Skuad Bola Tampar Wanita Perpustakaan. [Image]

Library, UMP (2010) dusun eco 3. [Image]


Mazlina, Abdul Majid and Alsariera, Yazan A. and Alamri, Hammoudeh S. and Nasser, Abdullah M. and Kamal Z., Zamli (2014) Comparative Performance Analysis of Bat Algorithm and Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm using Standard Benchmark Functions. In: The 8th Malaysian Software Engineering Conference (MySEC 2014) , 22-24 September 2014 , Resort World, Langkawi. . (Unpublished)

Mohd Raizalhilmy, Mohd Rais (2014) Bakat Kepimpinan Bentuk Pasukan Berprestasi Tinggi. CREATE, 2014 (2). pp. 46-47. ISSN 1823-7487

Muhammad Khairul Anuar, Mohamed and Mohd Zuki, Salleh and Abid, Hussanan and Norhafizah, Md Sarif and Nor Aida Zuraimi, Md Noar and Anuar, Ishak and Widodo, Basuki (2016) Mathematical Model of Free Convection Boundary Layer Flow on Solid Sphere with Viscous Dissipation and Thermal Radiation. International Journal of Computing Science and Applied Mathematics, 2 (2). pp. 20-25. ISSN 2477-5401. (Published)


Naif, Yasir Hasyim and Alsibai, Mohammad Hayyan and Abdul Manap, Sulastri (2015) Optimization of Nanowires Ratio in Nano-scale SiNWT Based SRAM Cell. MATEC Web of Conferences, 27. pp. 1-5. ISSN 2261-236X. (Published)

Nik Aloesnita, Nik Mohd Alwi and Zailin Shah, Yusoff (2010) Wiki for the Academic Writing Classroom. In: The 18th International Conference on Computer in Education , 29 November -3 December 2010 , Putrajaya. pp. 1-9..

Nuruzzaman, D. M. and Debnath, U. K. and Chowdhury, M. A. and M. M., Rahman and Roy, B. K. and Kowser, M. A. and Islam, M. M. (2015) Erosion Characteristics of Teflon under Different Operating Conditions. Journal of Polymer Engineering, 35 (9). pp. 889-904. ISSN 2191-0340. (Published)


Pejabat, Naib Canselor UMP (2008) Teks Ucapan Yang Hormat Profesor Dato' Dr. Daing Nasir Ibrahim Naib Canselor Universiti Malaysia Pahang. In: Sempena Majlis Makan Tengah Hari Sempena Mesyuarat Majlis Kaunseling Universiti-Universiti Malaysia Kali Ke-16, 18 Ogos 2008, Dewan Bankuet, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. (Unpublished)

Pejabat, Naib Canselor UMP (2014) Di Sebalik Penubuhan Eyes of UMP. CREATE, 2014 (2). pp. 44-45. ISSN 1823-7487


Ruzainisuhanaliza, Abdul Muni and Ruzaini, Abdullah Arshah and Tuty Asmawaty, Abdul Kadir and Mazlina, Abdul Majid and Rozlina, Mohamed and M. R. M., Rejab (2014) Merging Social Media Features for Social Networking Sites Capability Boost. International Journal of Information Systems and Engineering, 2 (1). pp. 168-172. ISSN 2289-2265 . (Published)


Shahrul Nizam, Md. Ahir (2014) Zikir Terapi Ajaib Ubat Kegersangan Hati. Universiti Malaysia Pahang.


UMP, LIB (2009) Lawatan Pelajar dari China ke Perpustakaan. [Image]

UMP, LIB (2009) Perkembangan Perpustakaan Pekan. [Image]

UMP, LIB (2010) Slaid Seminar Pengurusan Ilmu 2010. UMP LIB.


Zainal, Bahari (2014) Strategi Lautan Biru UMP Bersama ECERDC Dalam Membangunkan Masyarakat Luar Bandar. CREATE .

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