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Abd Jalil, Borham (2013) Malaysian Experience In Implementation Of The Banking And Financial Transactions Without Riba. International Journal of Research In Social Sciences, 3 (2). pp. 40-47. ISSN 2307-227X

Abd Jalil, Borham and Munira, Abdul Razak (2013) Women As The Catalyst Of Human Capital Development: A Case Study In Malaysia. The International Journal of Social Sciences (TIJOSS), 16 (1). pp. 29-45. ISSN 2305-4557

Abd Jalil, Borham (2013) Development Module of Holistic Leadership Training in Facing of Global Challenges. International Journal of Education and Research, 1 (9). pp. 1-8. ISSN 2201-6740

Abd Jalil, Borham (2013) The Influence of Turkish Ottoman Islamic Civil Law in 19th Century in the State of Johor, Malaysia. American International Journal of Contemporary Research, 3 (8). pp. 59-62. ISSN 2162-142X

Abd Jalil, Borham (2013) The Relationship Between Turkey And Malaysia In 19th Century And The Impact Of Implementation Of Majalah Ahkam Johor. The International Journal of Social Sciences (TIJOSS), 013 (1 -- 2013). pp. 46-50. ISSN 2305-4557

Abd Jalil, Borham (2013) Development Framework on the Potential Personal Leadership in Realizing the Holistic Education. International Journal of Technology Management, 2. pp. 41-46. ISSN 2289-2753

Abd Jalil, Borham and Asar, Abdul Karim and Kamaruzaman, Jusoff and Azwin Arif, Abdul Rahim and Mohammad Musab, Azmat Ali and Nor Yazi, Khamis and Mohammad Affendy, Omardin (2011) The Practicality of AsarFonts for Islamic and Arabic Studies. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 7 (6). pp. 1056-1060. ISSN 1990-9233

Conference or Workshop Item

Abd Jalil, Borham (2014) Islam Di Nusantara. In: Kolokium Islam Pahang ‘Meraikan Ilmu’, 18 March 2014 , Panggung Tun Razak, Muzium Sultan Abu Bakar, Pekan, Pahang. pp. 1-20.. (Unpublished)

Abd Jalil, Borham (2014) Legasi Islam Di Pahang: Wadah Transformasi Jati Diri Umat Gemilang. In: Syarahan Umum Profesor, 12 March 2014 , Astaka, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. pp. 1-25.. (Unpublished)

Abd Jalil, Borham (2014) Ahkam Syar'iyyah Johor : Model Kod Undang-undang Dalam Pengurusan Institusi Kekeluargaan Islam Di Negeri Johor. In: Persidangan Antarabangsa Kekeluargaan Dari Perspektif Global (ICFI2014), 13 February 2014 , Persada, Johor Bahru. pp. 82-93.. (Unpublished)

Mahyuddin, Ismail and Abd Jalil, Borham and Sharifah Intan Safina, Syed Zubir (2014) Bewitchment As A Defence In Divorce Cases: An Analysis From Islamic Law Perspective. In: Proceedings of the International Academic Conference on Law & Politics (IACLP 2014), 26-27 April 2014 , Istanbul, Turkey. pp. 1-5.. ISBN 978-9941-0-6551-4

Abd Jalil, Borham (2014) Bukti dan Pengaruh Kedatangan Islam Terawal di Pahang Memartabatkan Legasi Islam di Pahang. In: Seminar Pengajian Pahang Sempena memuliakan sambutan 40 tahun Pemerintahan Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Pahang , 11 September 2014 , M. S. Garden, Kuantan, Pahang. . (Unpublished)

Abd Jalil, Borham and Muhammad Azizur Rahman, Ramli and Mohd Firdaus, Shahidin (2014) The Role Of Islamic Capital Market In Developing Muslim Economy. In: 6th Islamic Banking Accounting and Finance Conference (iBAF2014), 23-24 September 2014 , Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. . (Unpublished)

Abd Jalil, Borham (2013) A Framework Module Of Holistic Human Development In Facing Of Global Economic Transformation. In: International Conference on Research in Ethics Educational, 18-25 November, 2013 , Istanbul, Turkey. .

Abd Jalil, Borham (2013) Konsep Siyasah Syar`Iyyah Dan Pelaksanaannya Dalam Konteks Malaysia. In: Seminar Kebangsaan Pelaksanaan Siyasah Syar`iyyah Dalam Konteks Masa Kini: Isu Dan Cabaran, 21 February 2013 , Kolej Universiti Islam Melaka. . (Unpublished)

Abd Jalil, Borham (2012) Othmaniyyah Government Influence in Muslim Civil Laws in Malaysia : Reference to the Majalah Ahkam. In: Seminar Serantau Perbankan dan Kewangan Islam 2012 . . (Unpublished)

Abd Jalil, Borham (2012) Tulisan Jawi: Tulisan Serantau. In: Seminar Jawi dan Teknologi Peringkat Kebangsaan 2012, 18 Oct 2012 , Dewan Astaka, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. . (Unpublished)

Hasan, Ahmad and Ahmad Fazullah, Ahmad Zainal Abidin and Abd Jalil, Borham (2011) Halal Studies In Universities: A Way Forward To Manage Halal Business. In: International of Arts and Jornal Conference (IJAS2011), 3 June 2011 , Austria. . ISSN ISSN 1943-6114

Abd Jalil, Borham (2011) Pengaruh Khilafah Othmaniyyah Turki Dalam Pentadbiran Kerajaan Johor Bagi Memartabatkan Sebuah Negara Islam Merdeka Di Asia Tenggara. In: Simposium Isu-Isu Sejarah dan Tamadun Islam (SISTI 2011) Peringkat Kebangsaaan, 8-10 April 2011 , Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi. . (Unpublished)

Abd Jalil, Borham (2010) Jejak Warisan Pahang Pencetus Tamadun Pembangunan Modal Insan Holistik. In: Seminar Kebangsaan Jejak Warisan Negeri Pahang: Wacana Mengingati Sejarah Ke Arah Kecemerlangan Masa Depan, 24 Sept 2010 , Dewan Astaka, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. .

Abd Jalil, Borham (2010) Modul pembangunan insan holistik (MPIH) dalam menangani cabaran global. In: Persidangan Serantau Pendidikan Islam, 24-25 July 2010 , Hotel Holiday Inn, Shah Alam, Selangor. pp. 1-14.. (Unpublished)

Hasan, Ahmad and Abd Jalil, Borham (2010) Programme Development Of A Degree In A Halal Administration: Experience In Curriculum Design In University Malaysia Pahang. In: International Conference Of Education, Research And Innovation (Iceri), 15 – 17 Nov 2010 , Madrid. pp. 1-8..


Abd Jalil, Borham (2014) Sejarah perkembangan tulisan jawi di Nusantara. Berita Harian, (8 Aug . pp. 28-29.

Abd Jalil, Borham (2013) Jawi tulisan serantau. Berita Harian, (25 Ja . p. 29.

Abd Jalil, Borham (2013) Pengurusan risiko jaminan inovasi kewangan Islam. Berita Harian, (7 Mac . p. 29.

Abd Jalil, Borham (2012) Manfaat hubungan IPTA-sekolah kluster. Berita Harian, (15 No . p. 15.

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