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Alara, Oluwaseun Ruth and Nour, A. H. and Siti Kholijah, Abdul Mudalip (2019) Screening of microwave-assisted-batch extraction parameters for recovering total phenolic and flavonoid contents from chromolaena odorata leaves through two-level factorial design. Indonesian Journal of Chemistry, 19 (2). pp. 511-521. ISSN 1411-9420 (Print); 2460-1578 (Online). (Published)

Fatinah, Ahmad and Sharifah Aminah, Tuan Said and Chakravarthi, Srikumar and Aini Norhidayah, Mohamed and Raihana Z.B., Edros and Jaya Vejayan, Palliah (2023) Comparison of three aphrodisiac plants (eurycoma longifolia, polyalthia bullata and stema tuberosa) synonymous with tongkat Ali. Tropical Journal of Natural Product Research, 7 (5). pp. 3002-3008. ISSN 2616-0684. (Published)

Jaya Vejayan, Palliah and Sharifah Aminah, Tuan Said and Ahmad, M. Farid and Hani K., Agustar and Srikumar, Chakravarthi (2022) Antioxidant, antidiabetic and antibacterial activities of curd derived from selected plants fortified with ocimum tenuiflorum. Tropical Journal of Natural Product Research, 6 (10). pp. 1607-1613. ISSN 2616-0684. (Published)

Muhammad Nor Arifin, Yaakob and Rasidi, Roslan and Nurjannah, Salim and Siti Noor Hidayah, Mustapha and Sarani, Zakaria and Chin-Hua, Chia and Mohd Shaiful, Sajab and Nai Yuh, Peter Yek (2020) Effect of temperature on the yield of lignin extracted using microwave-sssisted acetosolv from empty fruit bunch fibers. Materials Science Forum, 981. pp. 240-244. ISSN 1662-9752. (Published)

Nabila, Bibi and Nadia, Rahman and Muhammad, Qasim Ali and Noormazlinah, Ahmad and Farzana Sarwar, Sarwar (2023) Nutritional value and therapeutic potential of Moringa oleifera: a short overview of current research. Natural Product Research. pp. 1-19. ISSN 1478-6419 (Printed): 1478-6427 (Online). (Published)

Ng, Zhe Cheng and Shiekh Mahmud, Siti Hamidah Radiyah and Tan, Suat Hian (2021) Effects of cytokinin in enhancing the multiplication of vegetative hylocereus polyrhizus. Materials Science Forum, 1025. pp. 97-103. ISSN 1662-9752. (Published)

Ng, Zhe-Cheng and Tan, Suat Hian and Shiekh Mahmud, Siti Hamidah Radiyah and Ma, Nyuk Ling (2019) Preliminary study on micropropagation of hylocereus polyrhizus with waste coconut water and sucrose. Materials Science Forum, 981. pp. 316-321. ISSN 1662-9752,. (Published)

Nor Adzwa, Rosli and Wan Asma, Ibrahim and Zulkafli, Hassan and Azizul Helmi, Sofian (2020) Review: Tropical tannin for engineering application. Indonesian Journal of Chemistry, 20 (1). pp. 248-256. ISSN 1411-9420 (Print); 2460-1578 (Online). (Published)

Norliana, Munir and Aizi Nor Mazila, Ramli and Nur Farah Syazni, Norsazali and Bhuyar, Prakash (2023) Valorization of agro‐industrial waste for the advancement of mushrooms and their production yield. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery. ISSN 2190-6823. (Published)

Nur Wirdah, Sulong and Nazikussabah, Zaharudin and Tay, Joo Hui (2023) Trace elements in market vegetables of Kuantan, Pahang: A preliminary estimate of dietary exposure. Current Science and Technology (CST), 2 (2). pp. 8-12. ISSN 2785-8804. (Published)

Nurul Balqis, Mohamed and Norzita, Ngadi and Wong, Syieluing and Noor Yahida, Yahya and Onn, Hassan and Inuwa, Ibrahim Mohammed and Opotu, Lawal Anako and Noorhalieza, Ali (2022) Facile synthesis of polyethylenimine-modified sugarcane bagasse adsorbent for removal of anionic dye in aqueous solution. Scientific African, 16 (e01135). pp. 1-17. ISSN 2468-2276. (Published)

Roslina, Abd Hamid and Rahmah, Mokhtar and Nor Azhar, Ahmad and Fauziah, Zainuddin and Azma, Abdullah (2018) i-Herbs: An Expert System for Malaysian Herbs Identification Using Production Rules Approach. Advanced Science Letters, 24 (10). pp. 7815-7818. ISSN 1936-6612. (Published)

Shiekh Mahmud, Siti Hamidah Radiyah and Tan, Suat Hian and Ma, Nyuk Ling and Wan Nurul Hidayah, Wan Anuar (2022) Preliminary study of pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq.) P. Kumm. spent mushroom compost as nutrient supplement on the shoot induction of fig tissue culture. Materials Science Forum, 1069. pp. 263-273. ISSN 1662-9752. (Published)

Sin, Phin Yin and Tan, Suat Hian and Ng, Zhe Cheng and Ma, Nyuk Ling and Wan Nurul Hidayah, Wan Anuar (2023) Effect of Gibberellic Acid and Eggshell on Hylocereus polyrhizus. Malaysian Applied Biology, 52 (4). pp. 35-41. ISSN 0126-8643. (Published)

Siti Munirah, Musa and Shing, Wei Siew and Tay, Darren Dean and Hajar Fauzan, Ahmad (2023) Near-complete whole-genome sequence of Paenibacillus sp. nov. Strain J5C2022, a sucretolerant and endospore-forming bacterium isolated from highly concentrated sugar brine. Microbiology Resource Announcements, 12 (4). pp. 1-2. ISSN 2576-098X. (Published)

Tan, Suat Hian and Karim, Md. Rezaul (2018) Effects of Three Drying Treatments on the Polyphenol Content, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Properties of Syzygium aromaticum Extract. Chiang Mai Journal of Science, 45 (2). pp. 937-948. ISSN 0125-2526. (Published)

Tan, Suat Hian and Maziah, Mahmood and Ariff, Arbakariya (2013) Synergism Effect Between Inoculum Size and Aggregate Size on Flavonoid Production In Centella Asiatica (L.) Urban (Pegaga) Cell Suspension Cultures. International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology (IJRET), 2 (8). pp. 244-253. ISSN 2321-7308 (print); 2319-1163 (online). (Published)

Ummu Afeera, Zainulabid and Aini Syahida, Mat Yassim and Hussain, Mushtaq and Ayesha, Aslam and Sharmeen Nellisa, Soffian and Mohamad Shafiq, Mohd Ibrahim and Norhidayah, Kamarudin and Mohd Nazli, Kamarulzaman and Hin, How Soon and Hajar Fauzan, Ahmad (2022) Whole genome sequence analysis showing unique SARS-CoV-2 lineages of B.1.524 and AU.2 in Malaysia. PLoS ONE, 17 (2). pp. 1-16. ISSN 1932-6203. (Published)

Wan Nurul Hidayah, W. A. and Putri Shareen, R. and Nur Atirah, H. and Tan, Suat Hian (2021) Comparison on phytochemical constituents in the patchouli oil of in vitro and ex vitro pogostemon cablin leaves. ESTEEM Academic Journal, 17. pp. 124-134. ISSN 1675-7939 (Print); 2289-4934 (Online). (Published)

Wan Nurul Hidayah, Wan Anuar and Tan, Suat Hian and Siti Hamidah Radiyah, Shiekh Mahmud and Wan Nurhafisya, Mior Norazmi and Engku Fatimah Syairah, Engku Safruddin (2019) Enhancement Effect of BAP and Spent Mushroom Compost in Micro-Propagation of Sabah Snake Grass. American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 15 (4). pp. 190-197. (Published)


Ahmad Ziad, Sulaiman (2016) Pengekstrakan Herba Mudah-Alih melalui Teknik Enzim dan Ultrasonik Jana Geran RM 3 Juta. CREATE . p. 61. ISSN 1823-7487

UMP, PNC 1,000 undergraduates liven up green campus programme. Pekan Review, 6 . pp. 18-19. ISSN 2180-3099

Conference or Workshop Item

Amirah, Ya’acob and N., Zainol (2021) Utilization of central composite design in optimization of microbial growth inhibition using ananas comosus leaves juice. In: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, The 2nd International Conference on Innovative Technology, Engineering and Sciences (iCITES 2020) , 22-23 December 2020 , Pekan Pahang, Malaysia. pp. 1-12., 1092 (012087). ISSN 1757-899X

Fathie, Ahmad Zakil and Mohd Shafiq, Mohd Sueb and Ruzinah, Isha (2019) Growth and yield performance of pleurotus ostreatus on various agro-industrial wastes in Malaysia. In: AIP Conference Proceedings: Proceedings Of The 2nd International Conference On Biosciences And Medical Engineering (ICBME2019) , 11-12 April 2019 , Bali, Indonesia. pp. 1-8., 2155 (020055). ISSN 0094-243X ISBN 978-0-7354-1900-1

Kormin, S. and Kormin, F. and Beg, M. D. H. (2019) Effect of plasticizer on physical and mechanical properties of ldpe/sago starch blend. In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, International Conference on Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (ICME2018) , 16-17 July 2018 , Johor, Malaysia. pp. 1-11., 1150 (012032). ISSN 1742-6588 (print); 1742-6596 (online)

Kormin, S. and Kormin, F. and Beg, M. D. H. (2019) Study on the biodegradability and water adsorption of ldpe/sago starch blend. In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, International Conference on Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (ICME2018) , 16-17 July 2018 , Johor, Malaysia. pp. 1-8., 1150 (012033). ISSN 1742-6588 (print); 1742-6596 (online)

Tran, Thien Hien and Nguyen, Phu Thuong Nhan and Pham, Tri Nhut and Nguyen, Duy Chinh and Dao, Tan Phat and Nguyen, Trinh Duy and Nguyen, Dai Hai and Vo, Dai-Viet N. and Le, Xuan Tien and Le, Nhan Thi Hong and Bach, Long Giang (2019) Green technology to optimize the extraction process of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) oils. In: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, The 3rd International Conference on New Material and Chemical Industry , 17-19 November 2018 , Sanya, China. pp. 1-7., 479 (012002). ISSN 1757-8981 (Print), 1757-899X (Online)

Youventharan, Duraisamy and S. M., Arif and Rokiah, Othman (2019) Ultimate bearing capacity of peat treated with cement columns in physical model. In: Proceedings of 3rd National Conference on Wind & Earthquake Engineering and 1st International Seminar On Sustainable Construction Engineering (NCWE & ISSCE 2019) , 12-13 July 2019 , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. pp. 304-310..


Erma Yusnida, Jusoh (2017) Kempen satu rumah satu kebun. Sinar Harian . p. 39.

Mimi Rabita, Abd Wahit (2024) 2,000 bongkah cendawan nanas diagihkan untuk manfaat masyarakat Tuaran. UMPSA News .

Mimi Rabita, Abdul Wahit (2021) Uniknya Rimba Lestari khazanah hijau dalam kampus. UMP News .

Norashikin, Sulaiman (2018) Pelajar antarabangsa timba pengalaman hayati keindahan alam. UMP News . (Unpublished)

Norul Amalina, Sabri (2017) From The Magic Tree: The Wonders of Agarwood Leaves (Beverages for Healing Part 2). Livingm'sia .

Nur Laila, Afandi (2017) UMP mula tanam herba nilam majukan teknologi berasaskan herba. UMP News . (Unpublished)

Siti Sarah, Mohamad Rajimi (2018) Pegawai Eksekutif UMP tunai tanggungjawab sosial terhadap alam sekitar. UMP News . (Unpublished)

UMP, . (2014) UMP anjur pameran inovasi dan teknologi hijau. Utusan Malaysia . p. 27.

UMP, . (2011) UMP jayakan kempen hijaukan bumi. Berita Harian .

UMP, . (2010) UMP tanam 20 batang pokok mangga. Utusan Malaysia .

UMP, PNC (2017) Alumni UMP jurutera tani. UMP News .

UMP, PNC (2019) Compost fertiliser from palm oil mill waste for growing organic crops. UMP News . (Unpublished)

UMP, PNC (2018) Eksekutif UMP jayakan inisiatif hijau. Utusan Malaysia . p. 26.

UMP, PNC (2017) Kempen satu rumah satu kebun cetus aktiviti sihat. Harian Metro . p. 45.

UMP, PNC (2017) UMP ceburi industri herba. Utusan Malaysia . p. 22.


K., Palaniselvam (2015) In-vitro biological activities of Au and Ag nanoparticles biosynthesized using commelina nudiflora L. aqueous extract. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaysia Pahang (Contributors, Thesis advisor: Natanamurugaraj, Govindan).

Undergraduates Project Papers

Jessinta, Sandanasamy (2012) Larvicidal properties of extracts from different parts of neem (Azadirachta Indica) against Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes' larvae. Faculty of Industrial Sciences & Technology, Universiti Malaysia Pahang.

Mohd Munzir, Hamzah (2008) The production of ecofiber from palm oil empty fruit bunch (EFB). Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Natural Resources, Universiti Malaysia Pahang.

Nur Wasilah, Abdul Wahid (2018) Recovery of rebaudioside A from stevia rebaudiana (bertoni) extracts using two different purification techniques. Faculty of Engineering Technology, Universiti Malaysia Pahang.

Puteri Emme Marina, Mohamad (2008) Removal of cadmium from aqueous solution by dried water hyacinth, (Eichhornia crassipes). Faculty of Chemical & Natural Resources Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang.

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